10 Fun Facts About Lawyers You Didn’t Know


Any profession, regardless of its degree, exposes its owners to funny and perhaps embarrassing situations, especially professions related to the law, where the lawyer or judge deals directly with people, which leads to the occurrence of funny events. Curious about this profession, follow this article with us today and you will learn strange facts about lawyers that you did not know before, and thus you will have the opportunity to impress your friends with your new information. Just keep reading.

1. Alexander Hamilton passed the bar exam at the age of just a year old brother and managed to pass and specialize in Maritime Law.

2. Everyone believes that the legal profession is a modern profession that has emerged in recent years only due to the development of the world and the spread of crimes in it and the awareness of man more about the importance of achieving justice under the name of law, but the matter is completely different. The lawyer is called as now, but he had another name, but the important thing remains the same, which is to defend the accused and achieve justice.

3. The first college to teach law and law dates back to 450 BC, which is currently located in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon.

4. According to recent studies, the legal profession occupies among the first twenty ranks of the highest paid wages, but to this day it will not be in the top ten list, as these ranks are monopolized by doctors, especially surgeons and plastic surgeons, in addition to dentists and anesthesiologists.

5. The legal profession is not an easy profession, so you need long study years of up to seven years after high school, divided between university and law school, so if you dream of becoming a lawyer, you have to work hard until you get the rate that allows you to enter college and then work hard so that you can graduate as a lawyer.

6. The tape in the court, which separates the participants in the court from lawyers, judges and the rest of the audience, dates back to the Middle Ages in European courts and it had the same role now and is still used to this day.

7. The title of the youngest girl to pass the bar exam goes back to a girl named Gabriel Tournquist in 2013.

8. Arabella Mansfield is the first woman to pass the bar exam, as she had to sue the state in order to get a seat in the exam because at the time it was restricted to men only.

9. You probably won’t believe that Tchaikovsky, the composer of Swan Lake, studied at the Imperial College of Law and worked in the Ministry of Justice in addition to his work as a composer.

10. The date of May 1 of each year is considered a holiday in which the United States of America celebrates Law Day in commemoration of the efforts made by all lawyers and judges.

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