10 of the most common reasons for divorce


Recently, the phenomenon of divorce has spread widely among spouses, and the idea of ​​ending the marital relationship has become easier than it was before. Previously, when husbands were in disagreement and inconsistency between them, they preferred to sit and talk to solve problems, and perhaps resort to marital relations specialists for advice and work With his advice, but now the couple prefers to end their marriage, this is what prompted experts to conduct many studies and different social experiments with the aim of identifying the causes of divorce. What are the most common and common causes of divorce between spouses?

This is what we will learn about today in this article by presenting ten reasons for divorce based on several studies, so I advise you to continue reading to the end in order to benefit from all the valuable information that we will explain in this article.

1- inconsistency, controversy:

Sometimes a lot of arguing between the spouses and their differing opinions on almost all issues increases the sensitivity between them and both parties see the other as their enemy. He just wants to prove to him that he is right. For the spouses to be a refuge for each other in the face of difficulties.

2- Non-compliance:

Non-compliance with promises after marriage is one of the most common causes of divorce, as one of the spouses begins to violate his promises made before marriage and problems arise due to the lack of agreement and understanding between the two parties, and this is considered one of the types of deception that leads to divorce.

3- Marital infidelity:

We cannot talk about the reasons for divorce without talking about marital infidelity. There is no person in life who can accept the betrayal of his life partner to him with another person because it is a kind of insult to the other party and to the marital relationship as a whole as if you were telling your partner that you are not enough for me.

4- The dimension of the relationship/lack of physical intimacy

This is one of the most common causes of divorce, and many spouses overlook it because of life circumstances such as work, raising children, pressures that push them to distance themselves from each other, and the lack or complete absence of their intimate relationship, which creates a kind of coldness towards both parties and thus the end of the relationship.

5- Communication problems between partners

The lack of dialogue between the spouses leads to the suppression of feelings and thus creates a vacuum and distance between the spouses and the problems become one after the other until they reach the stage of separation and decide on divorce.

6- Verbal, physical, or emotional domestic violence by the partner

Family institutions and associations all over the world warn of the danger of violence and its impact on the psyche of the partner, children, and the family as a whole. Whether violence was physical or verbal, it is completely unacceptable. A person marries in order to have a family, not to be subjected to injustice, and become a slave in the hands of his partner.  

7- Awareness that the husband has different values/morals

The understanding of the spouses that the other party has an opinion that must be respected even if we disagree with him, so it is very important to know during the courtship period about all the nature and morals that characterize his partner so that you can know if you are able to live with it.

8- Drug abuse/alcoholism

It may seem somewhat strange at first, but when you think carefully, you will find that it is one of the most important reasons for divorce, because addiction leads to neglect of the family from the material and emotional side, as it may make you fall into marital infidelity without feeling and other damages that end with the disintegration of the family.

9- Lack of romantic intimacy/love

There is no marital relationship without love, a relationship without love may last for a while, but in the end, it will end sooner or later due to the lack of interest in the partner.

10- Financial problems/debts

Financial problems and crises may cause divorce because the partner does not bear the suffering that the family is going through, and they prefer to separate.

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