10 Precious Tips from Parenting Books


Raising children is a very difficult matter than it seems. The matter is not limited to bringing the necessary food and clothing and entering my children to the best private schools. Parents must understand their children well and their psychological and emotional needs so that your child sees you as a refuge when a problem occurs and is not afraid From your reaction because you scold him every time he tries to start a conversation with you.

  That is why we are here today to teach you a set of tricks that will help you understand your child more and help him in the right way.

1-How to build self-confidence in a healthy way.

The first thing you must teach your child to become a strong personality is self-confidence because it is responsible for building his personality

2. How to teach optimism

Children are white papers on which we write what we want. They learn by imitating their parents, so pay attention to every action you do, especially when dealing with your child and expressing to him your feelings and affection towards him.

3. How to save from depression.

Pay close attention to your child’s behavior and notice any change in it, because it may indicate the beginning of the child’s entry into a state of depression, and make him tell you what he is suffering without admonishing him, but rather try to help him without judging him or reprimanding him because this will make the matter worse and alienate him from you.

4. How to approach your child

The easy and ideal way to get close to your child and make him your friend is to read books or stories together or before bed because this helps you to open different topics and express your feelings if you find this somewhat difficult.

5. How to deal with children’s problems

The problem that many parents fall into is mocking children’s problems and considering them as trifles, while the child considers them one of his biggest problems, for example, the child is being bullied by his friends at school or is worried about tomorrow’s exam, so you get used to taking care of your child and what occupies his mind in order to gain his trust.

6. Avoid excessive criticism of your child.

If you want to destroy your child’s psyche and make him hate you and hate himself, it is to criticize him for every action he does, it is natural for children to make mistakes, this is their way of learning, and here I do not encourage letting children make mistakes as they want. Without belittling your child or calling him by nicknames he does not like.

7. The right to make a mistake.

Give your children a space of freedom and be aware that children have the right to make mistakes because it is obvious that a small child will not have enough wisdom to do the right thing every time.

8. What do we say and how do we say it

You must know well that the child does not know how to express his thoughts or feelings well, so allocate time to talk with your child and find out what he is thinking.

9. All parents are moral teachers.

If you want to build a strong and good character for your child and make him effective in society, then you are the first to show him morals and good habits so that he imitates you and becomes intuitive to him.

10. How to become a part of the adult world

Most children are curious about the adult world and are eager to enter it. Therefore, parents should teach children that they should live their childhood without rushing to enter the adult world, which is full of pressure and problems.

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