10 precious tips to protect your child


Parents tend to be overly keen on their children, but this is not healthy for the child’s personality and makes him learn to rely on others even if he is able to accomplish his tasks on his own, for today we are here to teach you a set of tricks that will allow you to protect your child even if you are not with him and teach him how to deal With strangers and behaving in difficult situations.

1-Hide first and last name

Children tend to trust people who call them by their names, so it is preferable not to write his full name on his bag and not to sign in his lunch box until your child is safer. It is enough to write the phone number to retrieve it in case of loss.

2-Running in the opposite direction of the cars

All parents teach their children not to ride in the car with strangers, but you should also teach them if they feel a car following them or walking near them to run in the opposite direction of the car so that they gain a little time and attract the attention of a passerby to offer them help.

3-Create a family password

Teach your children a secret word of yours, even if someone comes to tell him that it is from his parents that he does not trust him until he tells him the secret word, and you must choose a very strange secret word that no one expects.

4-Install tracking apps

 Thanks to smart devices and GPS software, you can know the location of your child and go to him wherever he is

5-Wear a watch with a panic button

Technology has developed a lot and there are types of watches and necklaces with which you can track the whereabouts of your child at any time through an application in your smartphone, in addition to having an emergency button where as soon as you click on it, parents know that the child is in danger .

6-They shout “I don’t know him!”

You must teach your child the methods of defending himself and a spectrum of violence in the event that he is kidnapped, as he must scream as hard as he can to draw people’s attention that he is in danger and bring help to himself, or the kidnapper leaves him when he feels afraid of discovering his case.

7-Stop talking and keep your distance

It is not limited to young children only, but even a little old, where you must teach your child not to talk to someone he does not know and leave a considerable distance between them so that he can make the appropriate reaction in the event of being kidnapped.

8-Do not enter the elevator with strangers

It is better to teach your child not to ride in the elevator with suspicious people or not to be comfortable with their sight and use anything as excuse to escape from their proximity.

9-Don’t say your parents are not at home

Do not tell anyone or in any case that you are alone at home and your parents are not here, and you should not open the door to anyone, even if he says that he is one of your parents’ friends or acquaintances, but rather ask him to wait until you call them.

10-Do not meet your acquaintances on the Internet

The Internet has invaded all homes nowadays and it has become difficult to keep it away from children, but warn your child that not everything he sees on the sites believes him and it is forbidden for him to meet anyone from the Internet or give his personal information to anyone.

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