10 tips on how to develop your child’s confidence


The child is like a blank page on which you can write whatever you want, just like the behaviors and attitudes that we instill in our child’s mind and contribute directly to building his personality in the future. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the things we teach our child or do in front of him because most children learn through imitation of their parents.

 Today in this article, we will give you a set of tips and guidelines so that you can make your child confident in himself and in his abilities. Your child must have at one time come to you saying: “I don’t think I will pass the exam” or “I will not be able to make friends”, If you answered yes, then you have destroyed your child’s psyche, but made him see himself as a failure who cannot succeed in anything, and if you continue in this way, you will make of your child a person who is not brave and is not confident in himself at all in the future.

Let’s not talk too much and start learning the tricks together.

1- Love and acceptance

Of course, all parents love their children no matter what mistakes they make, but the matter should not stop here, but you must make your child feel your love for him despite all circumstances because the unconditional love on the part of the parents is the basis for building the child’s personality in a normal and good manner, which makes the child He trusts himself because he will not be afraid of making a mistake and losing his parents’ love for him.

It is okay to punish your child if he makes a mistake, but do not deprive him of your love and compassion, and most important of all, you give him a measure of respect for his feelings and choices.

2-Focus on his strengths and correct his weaknesses

It is very important to pay attention to these points because they help a lot in building the child’s self-confidence. For example, if the child does not understand mathematics easily, try to explain to him that he may be inclined to music or sports more, of course, you will not allow him to continue to make mistakes or complacency in mathematics, but you Also, you will not focus on this aspect of weakness only, but your child will feel that he has many strengths that allow him to be a successful person who can develop himself for the better.

3- Do not rush to help your child at the first hardship

It is known about parents that they only want the happiness and comfort of their child, so they help him every time he stumbles, but this is a big mistake we make, as while you help him, he will learn in return to relying on others to accomplish his affairs, which will affect him greatly when he grows up and becomes weak The character cannot take a single step without the help of his parents.

It is okay to guide your child if he falls into a problem, but give him the opportunity to experiment.

4- Let your child make the decisions

Teaching your child to make decisions on his own, of course, within reasonable limits, if he chooses the day’s food or school clothes, will give your child two benefits, the first is to gain the ability to make the appropriate and useful decisions for him, and the second is to teach your child to bear the consequences of his decisions and choices and how they affect his life so that the child in the future does not become a reckless person who makes a hasty decision without thinking wisely.

5-Encouraging and developing your child’s talents

Discover the talent that your child excels in and tends to, and encourage him to develop and be creative in it, because this enhances his self-confidence and makes him feel his importance and his role in the family and society in the future.

6- Give Your Child Responsibility

You should assign your child tasks at home that are appropriate for his age, of course, as if you ask him to water the plants every day. This makes your child feel that he is effective, and whenever he accomplishes a task successfully, his mind will work on looking for other achievements and do not forget to praise him after completing so that he is proud of himself.

7-When your child deserves praise, give it to him.

The human mind in general loves praise and praise even for adults, let alone children, where they must be praised when doing good deeds in order to enhance confidence in themselves because most parents scold their children when they make a mistake, but they forget to thank them for their hard work and success.

8-Teach your child positive self-talk

Teach your child to value himself and respect it so that he receives the same respect and appreciation from others. You must also teach him how to talk to himself because what we say to ourselves every day is what our minds program on. If you want to instill confidence in your child, make him say that he is capable of success and achievement. What he has to accomplish and that his capabilities have no limits.

9-Teach your child to accept his defeats.

Teach your child to learn from his failure and not to make him a point where everything stops. Everyone fails and suffers setbacks, but the strong one is the one who overcomes them and becomes stronger than he was thanks to the experience he gained. This is why teach your child how to deal with defeat and accept it so that he can continue.

10-Encourage your child to express his feelings

Teach your child not to suppress his feelings and express them appropriately, because this gives him a sense of comfort and teaches him patience and calm in difficult situations, and also teaches him how to express what he wants without fearing the opinion of others or their judgment on him.

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