6 perfect ways to avoid divorce


Divorce rates are increasing every year in the world, despite the love of young people these days for marriage and their desire to live with those they love in one house that brings them the same bed and share the same food, but despite that, most of these relationships end in divorce for unknown reasons.

Recent studies have shown that the main reason for divorce is the feeling of selfishness between the spouses and their lack of reverence for this covenant that they made between them, as it became easy for them to put an end to their relationship with just a simple lack of understanding, just as he gets bored of his bag and wants to change it and puts the old aside.

Therefore, if you want to preserve your marriage, you must first respect this relationship and feel that it is so precious that you can do anything to preserve it, and today we are here to teach you some tricks and ways to help you marry for a lifetime.

1-Stop blaming each other

When a discussion occurs between you and your partner about any topic, do not blame him at all and do not point the finger at him because you are not in a war against an enemy that you want to prove your opinion to him at any cost. Blaming your partner will only make matters worse and more complicated, but always remember that this is Your lover and the goal of the discussion is to find a solution to the problem, there is no reason to separate and give up easily.

2-Stop thinking negatively

The first rule in dealing with your partner in the event of a fight is to have good faith in your partner and give up all the negative thoughts that come to you and replace them with thinking rationally so that you can find wise solutions to the problem that occurred between you, and you can revive beautiful memories of your own until that charge is extinguished between you and remember Your love, which may have faded with the circumstances of life.

3-Think about the consequences of divorce

Divorce may be easy for both of you, and each party will think about rebuilding his life again, but have you thought about your children? What would their fate be in a broken, emotionally unstable family? This separation will certainly affect them a lot, especially if they are denied seeing one of you, so think carefully before making this decision.

4-Find the reasons

In order to be able to solve the problem and get rid of it, you must first know its cause in the first place, because this will explain things to you more and make them easier. Try to talk to your partner calmly and without pressure, and if you are wrong, admit your mistake and ask for an apology, and I know that this does not reduce Of your value at all, but you are protecting your relationship from collapse and disintegration, and you can give your partner a space to settle psychologically and calm down, but it is preferable that the period be short because too much distance may negatively affect you.

5-Hear what others are saying

In order to be able to understand what your partner is thinking, you must be a good listener to him, here I do not mean just listening to what he has to say, but listen to him with your heart and mind so that you are not selfish and think only of yourself. In it, each one reveals what he needs in the relationship. It is certain that all problems will be resolved easily, and your marriage will continue.

6-Hear your own thoughts

And in the end, you must also listen to yourself and what your heart truly desires, because your decision may be affected by others’ opinions or their naive advice according to their previous experiences, while in reality there is no relationship like the other and each person has his own experience.

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