7 Signs He’s No Longer In Love


Certainly, all relationships go through crises and problems, but the two parties should try to preserve it and make it stronger than before, but there are some cases that all psychologists agree that it is the end of the relationship and there is no way to save it because it is not true in the first place, and today we will learn about these cases If you are going through it, all you have to do is withdraw and search for a healthy and comfortable relationship.

1-You, rely only on yourself.

You find yourself responsible for yourself in everything you are afraid to ask your partner for any help, so he starts screaming, rejecting and sterile discussions, and you regret because you asked him for a service, here make sure that he no longer loves you as he used to, who loves seeks the comfort of his beloved.

2-His temperament is always a minus sign.

Your presence near him causes him distress and annoyance after he only longed to see you, but he becomes asking you to stay away and not to interfere in his affairs and he starts to gradually reject you. He no longer loves you so he prefers to walk away quietly.

3-Lightness gone.

The absence of harmony and ease in coexisting with the other party is a big problem if it continues for a long time, so the things that used to make you happy and you used to enjoy them become boring now and do not break the routine, the relationship becomes in need of renewal to give it a spirit of fun and lightness, otherwise, the two parties will alienate each other and The relationship comes to an end.

4-He doesn’t care about spending time with you.

At the beginning of the relationship, the man is very eager for his girlfriend and tries in every way to get closer to her and get to know her more. Over time, this matter decreases, but it does not disappear completely. He continues to love and enjoy the time he spends with her, and even waits for him, while if he gradually withdraws and refuses to participate in any He is active and prefers to sit with his friends or stay at work for late hours. This is an indication that he is tired of the relationship and is looking for another alternative.

5-You have no plans together.

One of the most characteristics of healthy and successful relationships is that both parties plan for the future together, whether on a personal or financial level. The important thing is that each party pays attention to the projects and accusations of the other and tries to encourage and help him achieve his goals. If your relationship lacks this factor, then you are on the verge of the end of your relationship That person is because he no longer loves you.

6-You don’t want to have sex

A man can dispense with everything except the sexual relationship, even if he is at his worst condition, but this may happen when he is frustrated, tired, or facing problems, but it will not last for a long time, of course. If you notice this rejection for a long time, this means that he has other relationships that satisfy himself

7-criticize you

If he starts criticizing you harshly for every behavior and deliberately mentions your flaws or starts to belittle you and your achievements whenever he gets the chance, then you are on the way to the end of the relationship because no one loves seriously allows himself to despise his life partner, so stop making excuses and withdraw.

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