8 different types of lawyers specializations


Advocacy is a very noble profession in which the lawyer works to restore people’s rights, but many people think that the way to study is very easy. You only need to obtain a doctorate in law and then pass the bar exam and become a lawyer capable of practicing your profession, but the matter is a little more difficult than that where you have to choose the specialty you want to specialize in because there are several types of lawyers, and each type is specialized in a specific field, so today we have come to present you with a group of types of lawyers and the specialization of each one of them in addition to their roles and responsibilities so that you can know your interests and tendencies and Choose the specialty that is right for you and that you love.

1-bankruptcy attorney

This jurisdiction is not well known among the people, but it is very important because the bankruptcy attorney represents both bankrupt individuals or companies that have been bankrupt or debts, as he works on the financial restructuring of the company in addition to resolving disputes with other parties. Companies so that you know if you like this specialty. You can also obtain a bankruptcy attorney certificate in order to add it in your professional resume and give you more experience in this field.

2-business lawyer

Business lawyers are also called corporate lawyers because they work in companies in the first place, as they specialize in conducting legal transactions that take place between the company and various parties. Resolving disputes between company officials.

After obtaining a doctorate in law, a student can submit an application to the college to continue his studies in the field of corporate law so that he can graduate and work in state-affiliated companies or private companies affiliated with individuals.

3-constitutional lawyer

After obtaining a diploma in law, students can apply to the college to obtain a certificate of specialization in constitutional law. This certificate is not required for employment, but it adds experience to your professional career and enhances your chances of getting the job you dream of.

The constitutional lawyer is interested in interpreting the state constitution in addition to challenging some of its laws. He also works on balancing the interests of individuals and government institutions and participating in civil cases.

4-criminal defense attorney

This type of lawyer is the one who is interested in defending the accused in criminal cases to ensure their full rights and freedoms in accordance with justice, of course, so that they try to take advantage of the law for the benefit of their client, in addition to representing his client before the court in the event that the case is referred to trial.

5-Employment and Labor Lawyer

Just like other disciplines, the college gives students the opportunity to specialize in employment where the lawyer is interested in defending the rights of workers in terms of working hours, pensions, and retirement and issues of discrimination between workers in the workplace and other issues that affect the rights of the worker, all of these issues fall into the relations Between workers and management outside the scope of trade unions.

6-Entertainment Lawyer

It is a specialty that may seem a little strange at first, but it is very popular these days, as entertainment lawyers are concerned with protecting the intellectual property of artists, actors, musicians, and other business owners related to the media. And other legal matters that artists do not know, so they hire this type of lawyer.

7-family lawyer

When people hear the word family lawyer, they all think that it is related to divorce cases and marital disputes, but the matter is not limited to this only, but the family lawyer is responsible for many issues such as child custody, adoption, paternity, and inheritance issues, and the family lawyer works on writing agreements And pre-marital negotiations, in addition to his role in providing the necessary advice in case the case does not require referral to trial.

8-immigration lawyer

This jurisdiction is very important as the immigration lawyer helps the expatriates to settle their legal status, whether in terms of acquiring citizenship or in relation to work, housing, and study legally, and also helps people who apply for visas legally.

Some colleges give their students the opportunity to obtain an immigration attorney certificate, while most students obtain this certificate by doing several courses that increase their experience in this field.

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