8 Signs You’re Being Abused In A Relationship


A healthy relationship is one that comforts you and makes you feel happy, makes you comfortable with the idea that there is someone in this life that you can rely on and turn to in any problem without thinking about the fear of betrayal. The relationship is about giving and taking, and the relationship cannot continue without achieving this. The law, if you feel that you are the only one who always gives and sacrifices, you must think carefully because you are being exploited by your partner.

In this article, we will teach you some signs that show you that you are being exploited by your partner and that you must inevitably withdraw from this relationship or put an end to this exploitation.

Blame the mistakes of the past

All people are prone to mistakes, especially in relationships, and it is important to overcome these mistakes and forgive the wrongdoer, but if you notice that every time a discussion occurs between you, your partner tries to blame you for the mistakes of the past and deliberately makes you feel guilty, this is evidence that he wants to get something from you.

Your interests are not a reason to speak up.

When you notice that your partner has become not interested in your talk or your hobbies, while on the contrary, he wants you to share his interests and ambitions, and this is very tiring because you do not find someone who shares your interests, no matter what, while you have to support others, and this is conclusive evidence of your exploitation.

Losing confidence in yourself

One of the most enjoyable things in a healthy relationship is increasing confidence in yourself, as the partner’s praise and encouragement for you in all stages of your life help you to accept yourself and increase confidence, but if you find yourself in a relationship that loses respect and encouragement, you are on the wrong path.

Your family is worried about you.

In most cases, the family, especially the mother, feels that you are not happy even and you did not tell her what you are experiencing, so listen to her advice and do not be stubborn, because it may solve many problems for you and may explain to you a vision that you do not see or ignore.

The partner claims that it is “best of all”.

In most of the discussions that take place between you and your partner, especially the sharp ones, your partner imposes his opinion and point of view without providing justification or convincing things that make you accept his opinion without discussion.

The partner is not interested in your victories and defeats

Your partner makes you feel that there is no difference between your presence and your absence, and he becomes not interested in your success or your failure, with what is continuing in the relationship only because he is used to it or is comfortable with this situation.

Your partner is not ready to help you.

If more than one request for you is rejected and you know that he is able to help, this means that he does not care about you, and in return, you are required to fulfill all his requests.

“No” does not play a role.

Here, your partner does not pay any attention to your opinion, especially if you express your opinion about the rejection, and he nevertheless makes the same mistake, and the matter may escalate to violence.

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