Dangers You Face When Becoming a Lawyer You Didn’t Know


When I say to a lawyer, you immediately think of a rich person in an elegant suit who comes to his office in the morning

In a luxury car, and perhaps if your child asks you about his profession if he grows up, you will ask him to study law because we all believe that the lawyer receives large sums of money from the cases that he takes care of, but what we do not all know is that the lawyer faces many health and psychological problems and sometimes risks that may threaten His life, whether he wins the case or not, so before you say that the lawyer lives the ideal life, think a little about what he can face and to learn more about these risks, continue reading this article with us and I am sure that you will be surprised in the end.

health risk

Everyone thinks that the legal profession requires a smart person only because his work is with the mind, but we also neglect that the work of the mind tires the body as well. In computer screens and papers that cover your office everywhere, especially if the lawyer is working on more than one case at one time, and he has to focus on each one separately.

The lawyer will not find time even to do a little exercise to erase what caused him to constantly sit because his schedule is always closed from appointments with clients and legal advice to court sessions that may last for hours on end, in addition to his neglect to eat him and his dependence on fast food that we will not go into details Its harm to health and everyone knows that, so do you still say that the lawyer does not get physically tired and that his work is comfortable, or did you change your opinion?

mental damage:

When studying law and the training and cramping that students undergo before obtaining the certificate, they are taught and trained on how to separate their feelings from work and how to deal with the case and their client without emotion so that the decisions and judgments are rational and logical, but despite that they are human beings like us and who It is natural for them to be affected by people’s issues, especially those sensitive ones, and this must have an impact on their mental and psychological health, in addition to the constant tension and fear of losing the case or the client’s dissatisfaction with his work and his mighty efforts.

Life-threatening danger:

Lawyers, especially criminal defense lawyers, are subjected to threats and sometimes intentional killing by their clients if their case is lost. Although the lawyer has done everything in his power to make the case successful, not all cases are profitable, especially if the accused is a true criminal and convicted of major cases, so the lawyer is exposed to violence and Perhaps the murder by the client’s allies outside the prison.

You see in the movies that the criminal takes revenge on the lawyer by getting rid of his family or one of his sons. This is not only a dramatic scene to attract views, but it may happen in reality, unfortunately.

Problems getting paid:

The client may not understand that the fatigue that you will have to work on the case is very great, and that going to court and attending the pleading is a very expensive matter, so he begins to complain about the cost that seems high to him or evades payment after the end of the case. That is why we find most lawyers resorting to prepayment in order to guarantee their fees, And there are clients who appoint a lawyer and agree on everything, and after he starts the case and stays up nights to solve it, they suddenly decide to change him and replace him with another lawyer. It is really hard.

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