How to file a divorce application online


The decision to divorce is very difficult and causes psychological and material damage and carries a lot of risks, but the entry of the online divorce service has made it a little easier for couples because it saves money and effort, and you are able to carry out divorce procedures while you are sitting in your home without the trouble of moving to the courts.

  For today, in this article, we will introduce you to all the concepts of this service. If you intend to divorce, read this article first and benefit from all the information.

What exactly is an online divorce?

Divorce via the Internet is a modern service that has been developed in order to facilitate divorce procedures for spouses, wherein this service you are able to fill out forms while sitting at home, in addition to the possibility of submitting papers to the court for a fee, and you can also negotiate a divorce settlement agreement according to the instructions provided by the service Advance

Is Obtaining a Divorce Online Legal?

Of course, it is completely legal, just like any other online service, such as submitting taxes, but on the condition that it is not disputed because in this case, the case returns to the court, while in normal cases in which both parties are satisfied, the answers of the spouses to the questions posed are used to prepare the necessary papers and documents Then waiting for a response from the court to hear the final verdict.

Who can get a divorce online?

It is true that the online divorce service is fast and saves you time and effort, but it does not always guarantee your rights, as it only benefits those who were in a short relationship and have no children, and both of them agree to divorce without conflict, but in the event that your partner uses a legal advisor, here you are You are forced to file a divorce in the traditional way because there is no one to protect you and you may put yourself in trouble, and you may lose many of your rights such as child custody, for example.

How to choose an online divorce provider?

You must choose a provider that matches your requirements and needs. You must choose a divorce provider in the same state, and then contact him to give you all the services and information about what he can achieve for you in addition to the price and fees that you must pay for this service

How much does an online divorce cost?

You will pay for submitting divorce documents to the court about 300 dollars, in addition to the registration fees, the expenses range from 150 dollars to 1500 dollars, depending on the service and requirements you requested from the divorce provider, but in all cases, the online divorce service will cost you less than the traditional method.

What are the steps to file a divorce claim online?

  – First, you must have an account with a secret password and make sure that you use the program well. Then it asks you to answer some questions.

After that, you must enter all the data that belongs to you and your partner, and whether there are children. This process will not take long, but it is preferable to focus well so as not to make mistakes and to study all the information well.

– Check carefully the information you provided and review it several times, there is a feature to change the answers in case you make a mistake.

– After filling in all your information, the site will automatically extract all the necessary papers and documents in the divorce file, and suggest you the possibility of printing them or sending a copy by mail.

– Now you have the choice between submitting the divorce papers to the court yourself or through the online service, and in both cases, the servants will provide the necessary instructions.

-If the divorce is by mutual consent of both parties, it is sufficient for you to submit a copy yourself to your wife and make her sign it.

-After the papers reach the court and are evaluated by the judge, they are approved or rejected if they need some modification, but the probability of their rejection is very small.

Then you wait for the final court decision, and the time varies from country to country

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