Myths about marriage and divorce may shock you!


Marriage is a covenant between two people who love each other to live together in one house brought together by friendship and understanding, with the possibility of problems in most cases and like all spouses, but they can solve and overcome them to continue this marriage and make it last for life.

But the reality is that the divorce rate is constantly increasing, and the majority are ignorant of the real reasons for this separation, as you can find two people who love each other to the point of madness, but they separated because of a trifle that no one would expect. It’s totally untrue myths.

Today and in this article, we will debunk these myths that people claim about divorce.

Every two marriages end in divorce

This is one of the most trivial myths because it is impossible to predict the end of your marriage and you did not start it yet. In the old days, young people were married at a very early age, so they were subjected to divorce a lot due to their lack of experience and their young age, which allows them to assume responsibility as it should, but nowadays the matter is different. Often, young people are getting married at an older age and going through many emotional relationships before marriage that allow them to gain experience in relational issues.

Therefore, we should not make a rule that is more than forty years old, which determines the fate of your relationship with your partner.

Having children increases your risk of divorce.

Of course, this is not completely true. It is possible that your decision to separate from your partner will be affected by the presence of children among you, but they will not be the obstacle to divorce or the motivator for that. On the contrary, most spouses reached the decision to separate, but they retracted it after thinking about the fate of their children and their mental health above all. .

The wedding budget and attendance are proportional to the length of your relationship

Come on, tell me what is the relationship between the wedding ceremony and the continuation of your relationship, that the wedding is no more than an announcement ceremony that the couple decided to live together in one house, and whether it is a luxurious party with huge money or a simple party between friends, it will not affect your relationship because it depends mainly on the extent of your love for each other and the extent Understanding and harmony and your ability to sacrifice for the continuation of the relationship, so stop adhering to this myth and enjoy life, it is much simpler than that.

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