Serious Mistakes Parents Make When Dealing With Teen Depression


Adolescence is the stage of transition from childhood to the world of adults, which is full of pressures and challenges to face the world. their children to overcome this stage and direct them towards the right path to build a strong personality, but the problem lies in the fact that some parents take actions that they think to help their children, but in fact, it increases their suffering and may lead them to feelings of distress and depression.

That is why we are here today to clarify these mistakes in order not to repeat them because they harm your children more than they benefit them.

Assuming it’s just a growing pain

Most parents think that the mood swings and the state of boredom and anger that his son is going through during this period are caused by the growth mother only and will pass anyway, but it may be an indication that your child is going through a state of depression and must be helped immediately before the matter escalates.

Waiting for your teen to open

Sometimes parents think that their son will come to ask them for help as soon as he feels depressed, but this is impossible because at this stage they will not be able to express what they feel. Asking about his condition and discovering the problems he suffers from.

Evading Your Teenager

The teenager may respond to your request and tell you everything he feels, but he will feel great pressure if you start judging everything he says and blaming him for his mistakes, that this behavior will destroy your relationship and will consider you a source of pressure on him and not a source of comfort and refuge for him when he faces problems.

Underestimate the situation

The worst thing is for your teenager not to tell you what he feels, to tell you about his problems, but you underestimate them and try to explain that the situation does not need all this depression, but you are in fact to make the matter worse and make him feel that he is alone and there is no one to understand and help him.

Giving lectures and criticism

When a teenager makes mistakes and turns towards deviant ways, parents often resort to using punishment and lecturing their children, thinking that he will learn and stop what he is doing, but this is completely wrong. These mistakes may be a strong indicator of your teenager’s suffering from depression and not because of being influenced by friends only.

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