Valuable tips to protect your child from bullying


In the first years of the child, he is attached to his parents most of the time and does not deal with many people outside his family, but as soon as he grows up a little and becomes school age, he begins to interact more with the outside world, especially children of his age, so he begins to be bullied by his colleagues at school if he He has traits that do not comply with the standards set by the society in which you live, which causes your child a lot of discomfort and psychological complexes that may lead him to hate studying and completely refuse to return to class or leave the house in the first place.

Some may find that bullying is a simple behavior that does not affect anything. It is just like joking, but this is not true. The harms of bullying are many, and you cannot measure the extent of the harm that a child feels when he falls victim to bullying, and how he lacks confidence in himself negatively affects his academic results and abilities in a way. general.

That is why if your child is being bullied, you are in the right place. Today in this article we will teach you the correct ways to help your son overcome this matter and not affect him.

Be aware of anything strange around them

Watch your child’s behavior and everything related to his activities, friends, and others, as bullying causes severe psychological damage that makes the child prefer isolation and staying alone to avoid embarrassment, as he may become unusually calm and inanimate, in addition to the negative impact of his school results because of his hatred For school or his lack of focus in studying and his constant preoccupation with how to please his friends and make them fascinated by him.

If you notice any sudden change in your child’s behavior, ask him why and be a good listener, as he may tell you what he is suffering from.

Connect with and listen to your child

Your child who is being bullied daily by his friends may resort to telling you about the terrible psychological pressure he suffers in his day, and this is due to several reasons, perhaps because of the threat from the bullies, or their embarrassment from revealing what they feel, or their fear of mockery and not believing him, so do not hesitate Start searching and finding out what is on your child’s mind and make him reassure him that you do not judge him or reprimand him.

If you really want to help your child, you can direct him to a psychologist so that he can consult him and give him the appropriate solution.

Don’t let them be alone

After your child reveals to you what is bothering him, try to help him and provide him with protection because this is what your child expects from you. Try to never leave your child alone, subject to more bullying and attack, in order to reduce the psychological damage that happened to him.

Talk to the relevant authorities

Now that you have protected your child, go to the responsible authorities in the school, such as the teacher and guidance counselor, or the father of the bully and explain the case to him calmly and presently until you find together the appropriate solution to the problem and then protect your child from harm without telling him, and alert your child to tell you immediately If it is repeated with him.

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