Which is better: legal separation or divorce?


 Everyone agrees that disagreements and misunderstandings between spouses are very normal, and all couples go through such crises, and if they can overcome them, their love will grow and their relationship will become stronger, but the problem now is how will we know if the relationship has become more solid or whether a gap and distance have been created between them And a decrease in love.

In this case, there are two types of couples who really love each other and do not want to end the relationship, but they are not able to find the appropriate solution and restore the relationship to its previous era, so they resort to the advice of a relationship specialist, and there is another type that prefers to put an end to the relationship completely and separate by divorce.

And recently, a new type of couple has emerged, and they are those who prefer to stay away from each other for a specific period without formal divorce so that they take a break and each one of them can think about his life without the other, and this is what is called legal separation.

Today in this article we will define both divorce and legal separation and the difference between them in terms of advantages and disadvantages, if you are interested read on to the last.

The difference between legal separation and divorce

legal separation

Perhaps it is a new term that many people do not know, but it is completely legal and is based on the separation of spouses in terms of housing, money, joint children, and it is under a legal agreement stipulated by the court.

During this period, the relationship between the spouses is temporarily cut off until both parties relax and can arrange their thoughts and perhaps return after this period or formally separate.


It is the final decision to separate from your spouse, to be submitted to the court, which issues agreements regarding property, financial affairs, and child custody, if any.

Benefits of legal separation

One of the most important benefits of legal separation is that the spouses have another opportunity to return as they were, as it is a recovery period from stress, complete rest and clearing the mind so that they are able to make the right decision without regret, during this period they live as if they are divorced, but without official papers.

Another advantage that they both benefit from during the legal separation period is health insurance and the possibility of paying the tax together.

Divorce benefits

Divorce means freedom for both spouses, as they are now able to enter into new relationships and marry another person legally.

Freedom to make decisions, whether, in the financial or personal aspect, there is no person you should always consult on any issue you face.

Benefiting from past mistakes and turning the previous marriage into a failed experience, from which I only learned a lesson.

Whatever your choice, decide wisely without emotions or pressures, especially if you have children because they will be victims of this decision.

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